How would you feel if you could fit back into your favourite outfit, feel fitter, stronger and more confident?!

Have you been struggling to reach your weight loss goals? Feel a bit stuck and aren’t sure how to get started? Or maybe you just want to jump on a fun programme to get you shedding pounds and feeling awesome with the support of a group all with the same mission.

Sustainable weight loss!

I have put together this programme to launch you like a rocket into your health and fitness journey.

Sometimes people just need a kick start and that’s what this is, you’ll learn the fundamentals of fitness in this easy to follow guide.

I’m not going to start spouting rubbish, like drop 14 lbs in 14 days, which we see so much these days bandied about on the internet.

But if your clothes are becoming tight and uncomfortable, your buttons are feeling the strain, you feel lethargic, uncomfortable, or perhaps you aren’t feeling very confident…

Then we can certainly do something about that!

This is for you if you want something that gives you:


Full support and a community of like-minded people, you’ll be added to a Facebook group once you purchase the guide.


The flexible approach to eating.


The how’s, why’s, do’s and don’ts laid out clearly to take the guess work away.


Change your mindset around dieting and working out to create lifelong healthy habits.


A plan that is simple but effective.


Simple and quick workouts for at home and the gym.

Healthy Recipes

Tasty, healthy recipes that won’t have you prepping away for hours!


Food plans for guidance (I don’t like meal plans, in the guide I give you guidelines but you’ll have the tools to come up with your own plan!)


Me in your corner! You can contact me for any questions you need answered or support you may need.

Boost your confidence, get your mind set right and get the kick start you need with this simple guide.

Weight loss is simple, but often over complicated by the industry I work in!

I wrote this programme because I was fed up with the misinformation out there, and people trying quick fixes and fad diets that just don’t work!

The biggest complaint is that they aren’t sustainable and many just gain the weight back.

Sound familiar? My mission is to put a stop to this for good and stop you wasting money on products and programmes that just don’t work!

This is where the Fight Fat 14 is different.

This guide will show you the way to dieting freedom and creating something that works for you, that gives you the flexibility to work it around your life, so you make the changes that are life long. 

Are you ready to start making the changes that will give you the results you want without going on another crazy diet? 

Its time, let’s do this!

Price: £ 37.00
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