There are so many fad diets out there and new weight loss crazes – which I HATE!

Here’s just a few and I’m sure you’ll find at least one you’ve tried. No judgement, we’ve all been there, including me!

C9 (ridiculous aloe vera cleanse), cabbage soup diet (don’t even go there), Slimming World, Weight Watchers, Cambridge, 5:2, Ketogenic diet, low carb, Atkins, even clean eating is basically a diet… The list goes on!

And not to mention what I was faced with on Friday last week when I walked into Holland & Barrett: a wall of weight-loss drinks. The Bootea (weight loss tea), skinny coffee and the newest craze, Boom Bod – “apparently a weight loss shot drink sensation”!!!


Seriously, it’s no wonder you’re not getting the transformation you want with all of this rubbish out there selling you the dream: quick results that don’t last.

Look, there’s nothing wrong with some of those diets – if they put you in a calorie deficit you will lose weight. The problem is most of them aren’t sustainable meaning you can’t stick to them and end up jumping on and off a number of diets.

If you can’t see yourself doing a diet a year from now, then it’s not the diet for you. Transformation takes consistency and patience. You need to work out what will work for you long term and give you changes that you can retain forever. Find it and follow it, day in, day out and you will get where you want to be. Consistency is king!

If you’re ready to take action and start your transformation with a plan that works for you within your schedule and suited to your taste buds, I have a 90 day VIP transformation programme. It’s completely bespoke so it doesn’t matter if you have no time or don’t like working out and giving up all the foods you love – we can make it work for you!

Feel free to reach out and we can have a chat to see if it’s for you… it might not be, and that’s cool but you won’t know until you try!

Sindy x