Mondays can feel like a hard-old slog. Perhaps you overindulged and drank too much at the weekend, coupled with a full work week ahead, possibly in a job you hate.

And then to top it all off, you go on social media and scroll through picture after picture of ripped physiques, beautiful holidays… Basically perfect looking lives!

Now you really feel like crap.

But we don’t really get the full picture, as of course we only post our best bits. Someone’s holiday may look perfect, but you don’t know what’s going on behind that picture; perhaps the kids are playing up, arguments with the spouse… Who knows. Are they even really on holiday? I know some people save up pics from previous holidays, events and occasions to post at a later date!

That ripped physique could be someone that dieted hard, trained even harder, sacrificed and made themselves miserable to get that six pack… just for a photoshoot! They then plaster the pics over social media for the next 12 months.

Unless you 1. have no life or 2. are genetically gifted, it’s almost impossible to get that ripped/stay that ripped all year round. We aren’t seeing reality, it’s only a snap shot of someone’s life. Yet we beat ourselves up because we aren’t quite holding things together, like those people we see online.

I posted this picture online:

My aim was to highlight what can be done in seconds – how pose, lighting, filters and editing tools can enhance an image/body in seconds.

This was one of many responses I got:

“Lately I’ve found myself getting really frustrated with myself and feeling bad as I can’t achieve what some of the fitness people do on here. To the point I want to delete them all. Then I realise I have a full on 60 plus hour week, a home and a family so perhaps I should be less harsh on myself. Thanks for your post it’s cheered me up!”

My advice is unfollow anyone that makes you feel bad, cut yourself some slack and go and do something that makes you feel good, today!

Sindy x